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your merch should do more than just look good

Let’s make merch your customers will love and help you become their favourite brand.

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Merch can help you grow your business organically and sustainably

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Grow a community around your business

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Let your customers do the advertising for you

build a secondary income stream

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My pdf guide 'Make Effective Merch' is available free to download if you want some tips on what makes great merchandise.

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"Simon has an absolute talent for interpreting a customer’s intent for a design and a wonderful ability to communicate adaptations that will enhance those original thoughts into something even better."

Kate Breach

Women in Space Aotearoa New Zealand
"His eye for detail and ability to translate the vibe we were after into artwork was beyond impressive. We are absolutely looking forward to working with Simon on more projects in the future"

Cait Hall

Search and Rescue Avalanche Dogs

Don’t fall into the same trap as everyone else.

A lot of people are worried they'll just waste their time and money on merchandise nobody will want.

You don't have to get stuck with boxes of unused product, trying to give it away to anybody who will take it.

Your customers should be proud to support your business and excited to rep your brand.

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We customise merch to suit your needs

Artwork and Print

You’ve got an idea of what you want but need someone who can bring your vision to life.


Custom Merch

You know you want merch but need some help deciding what to make and who you're making it for.

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Full Merch Kit

You’re looking for a cohesive set of merch to bring your brand to life and build your community.

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I believe Good Merch creates good customers

Building my own business, I know that self promo can be a tricky thing to get right and I’ve found that many business rush into decisions without considering if their customers will actually like the merch they're putting out.

10 years of working in design, apparel and print has taught me that taking a bit of extra care with the way you present your brand can really pay off. Customers resonate with businesses that are proud of their brand, pay attention to the details and create cool stuff.

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Become your customer's favourite brand

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