Craftsmanship and Quality

Vulcan Construction

Ruben Jenkin is a young builder who has spent his time working and learning the industry from some of the best in Christchurch. His keen eye for detail and strong work ethic meant it was just a matter of time before he decided to venture out on his own as Vulcan Construction. Ruben needed a strong identity that not only reflected the quality of his work but attracted the right jobs and clients he wanted to work for.

Ruben and I discovered that he wanted clients with bespoke carpentry and building work that appreciated good craftsmanship over cheap labour, people who wanted to talk directly with their contractor. I created a brand strategy and identity for him that shows Vulcan Construction as a company that prides itself in craftsmanship and dedication to quality. It was important to reflect his high standards and the care he put into every job, no matter the size. By referencing the brand statement, values and target clients outlined in his brand strategy he is able to grow his business effectively from the beginning. The brand identity designed for Vulcan Construction included a logo and style guide, stationery, apparel and signage.
Branding / Logo design / Stationery / Vehicle signage
Logo design for a building company
Custom badge design for a building companyBuilding kneeling on site Steel framing for houseBusiness cards for a building companyLetterhead for a building companyBuilding company logo on a workshop door
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