Getting a Head Start

Bridget Dowding

Bridget was a fresh UC marketing graduate looking to make an impact when looking for work in the competitive job market. As a marketing graduate, Bridget had a clear idea of the approach she wanted to take as well as having a strong sense of style. We determined that the best strategy for her was to convey a strong feeling of confidence and professionalism. We wanted to show that she had the knowledge, cunning and style of an experienced marketer rolled into a new graduate.

The resulting pink marble pattern, elegant monogram and organised layout design gave her potential employers a good overview of who Bridget is and her commitment to good marketing. The identity was used on business cards, resumes, social media and email signatures to great effect.
Branding / Logo Design / Stationery
Custom monogram on pink marble background
Typography on a pink marble backgroundCustom monogramBusiness card and letterhead with custom monogram
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